Combustion – 99% efficiency, proven technology

Incinerating waste has always been effective in terms of reducing mass. But energy recovery has not always been particularly good and pollution from flue gases has been a problem. That’s the story you often hear from those who have not followed the dramatic technological developments of the past decade.

But today, the combustion story is different:

  • Almost 100% of the energy contained in the burned waste is recovered
  • Over 99% of the flue gases are cleaned and water vapor is condensed

When we look at the issue of energy conservation, modern waste-to-energy plants can provide:

  • A 15% reduction in greenhouse gases by avoiding landfilling
  • A 16% reduction in greenhouse gasses by replacing fossil fuel

This represents over 30% of the total reduction in greenhouse gases planned by the EU by 2020 – using a proven technology that is already available.