Market Potential

The market potential for waste to energy (WTE) facilities is very large and is estimated to be several tens of thousands facilities all over the world. The economic value of the potential market is estimated to be several billion euros. This market potential is so far very little exploited.

According to Eurostat figures, the most successful Member States (Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden) in EU 28 have reduced landfilling to 1% and at the same time achieve high recycling rates (about 50% and more). They achieved this with the help of Waste-to-Energy (incineration with energy recovery) and with the introduction of landfill bans. There is no competition between sustainable recycling and Waste-to-Energy (WtE) as the latter only treats the waste that is not good enough for quality recycling as well as the residues from recycling.

Due to the fact that Russia and Ukraine are constantly harmonizing their legislation with the European, as well as facing a dangerous environmental impact form landfilling the waste and uncontrolled ignitions of waste, taking to the account necessity of these countries to develop renewable energy sources we may conclude that this market will be grow significantly in the nearest future.