Advanced projects / MOU

  • Yaroslavl (Russia), 60 MW Biomass
  • Lyubim (Russia), 30 MW Biomass
  • Svetly, Kaliningrad (Russia), 30 MW WTE
  • Gyrieysk Kaliningrad (Russia), 25 MW Biomass

Other Projects

Several other on-going project discussions in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine

Donetsk, Ukraine

Donetsk Project (Currently on hold) (Waste to Energy, 50 MW)

The Donetsk project is fully developed including all technical and legal permits i.e. State Expertise and TEO (technico-economicheskiye obosnovaniye= technical-economic characterization), as well as all PPA (Power Purchase Agreements) and Waste agreements

In Ukraine, the Project was ready to go in to construction beginning of 2014, but due to the turbulent political situation in Ukraine projected has been halted until further analysis and security of the situation is achieved.


  • Output :  50 MW Heat


  • Feasibility study completed and approved by Ukrainian State Expertise
  • Heat Purchase and Waste Supply Agreement signed
  • Suppliers identified, binding EPC-contract with cap
  • Land for the facility acquired
  • Present district heating exists and will be connected to the new WTE facility – will substitute natural gas
  • Construction works to be initiated April, 2014