EcoEnergy Summary & Background

EcoEnergy Scandinavia Holding AB (“EcoEnergy”) is a company built on long historic Swedish renewable energy expertise and experience. EcoEnergy business model is to be a Project Developer and Independent Power Provider (IPP), i.e. business focus lies on renewable energy project development with the objective to maintain an equity position in the operating entity. The company is an active developer in Eastern Europe and Russia, current focus is on the projects in Russia, primarily in the free-zone of Kaliningrad. EcoEnergy runs currently six renewable energy projects in Russia and owns one operating Biomass plant (8 MW) in Chernjakhovsk (Kaliningrad, Russia).

EcoEnergy was acquired by BiogasProm AB from KMW Renewable Group in a spin off in 2014, as a consequence of KMW restructuring and separating its domestic and international business. EcoEnergy has today approximately 300 shareholders, BiogasProm AB still being the majority shareholder. EcoEnergy’s technology and know how is built on KMW’s over 50 years experience building over 400 energy plants in Scandinavia with well-proven Swedish standard, meeting all regulatory environmental regulation thereby limiting any technology risks.

EcoEnergy it self has for six years actively been developing several Waste to Energy (WTE) and Biomass Energy projects for Russia and Ukraine. In Ukraine ready to go in to construction beginning of 2014, the Ukrainian projected has been halted due to the turbulent political situation in Ukraine. The Current on going projects are three in Kaliningrad region and three in Yaroslavl region Russia.

Two projects in Kaliningrad Russia (City of Kaliningrad and Chernjakhovsk) are the most advanced, close to construction. Fuel/ Power/ Heat purchase contracts, Permits and Land have been secured. Framework agreement with leading Chinese EPC contractor has been signed with construction, completion and performance guarantees from Chinese banks. Final financing negotiations are currently on-going, the company is in advanced discussions with different international banks and investors regarding the financing of these two initial projects. The business model for the projects is straightforward, with Cash Flow / Revenue generation after approximately 18 months.

  • Company owns land, with approved location from municipality
  • Construction Time & Price, and performance of Plant is guaranteed by contractor, with Bank Guarantee
  • Strong local support from Municipality City Mayor and Administration

Municipality and state power company have guaranteed to;

  • purchase Heat and Electricity at agreed to tariffs
  • provide and pay for the “fuel” (household waste)

Eco Energy has in addition to it operating plant an attractive project portfolio, close to construction, initial priority is the 30 MW Waste to Energy plant in Kosma ( City of Kaliningrad) and 20 MW Biomass CHP Chernjakhovsk (up-scale of current plant), both located in the Free-Zone region of Kaliningrad, Russia.

  • Strong local support and demand for the projects
  • Kaliningrad has already an established well built out infrastructure for district heating
  • Additional four projects /plants have already been secured for future expansion.

Business Overview

In Operation:
8 MW Biomass Heat Plant Chernjakhovsk/Kaliningrad

Close to construction:
30 MW WTE CHP Kosma/Kaliningrad
20 MW upgrade Biomass CHP Chernjakhovsk /Kaliningrad

On- Going Projects:
30 MW WTE CHP Svetly/Kaliningrad
25 MW Biomass CHP Luyibim/Yaroslavl
60 MW Biomass Yaroslavl


Biomass Heat Plant Chernjakhovsk

WtE CHP (Combined Heat &Power) Plant Kosma, Kaliningrad (Plan)