Jörgen Andersson; Chairman among other things, Minister of Energy and Mayor City of Halmstad. Former Minister of Interior, the Board of Sydkraft (today E.ON, the world’s largest private energy group) and Chairman of Vattenfall.


Dag Andresen; with a background in the financial sector (among others responsible for the energy sector at Nordea) and the energy sector. Prviously Deputy President and CFO of Vattenfall and most recently Deputy President of Vestas.


Bo Ronander; Msc in civil engineering, also chairman of BiogasProm. He has a solid background in the governance of international construction projects including Russia, most recently linked to Peab. Also chairman in a larger transport company and senior advisor to companies within the energy field such as Waste to Energy and Windpower.


Peter Lindh; with a background in the financial sector and who also been involved with EcoEnergy since the start.


Bo Thorén; is lawyer and board member of BiogasProm.